3 Reasons why you need a Dog Sitter


Why you need a Dog Sitter?

As a pet parent juggling from place to place can be a real pain. Because, most of the time the place that you are heading to might not understand why you need to bring along your furry baby along with you.

But, ain’t work equally important. That’s why this month, we are in a full swing spreading awareness about “Dog Sitting”.

Dog Sitters (also called Dog Walkers) are professionals who take care of your pets. They come to your house, stay along with your pet and monitor them just as you do.

Intriguing, isn’t it?

Here are 3 things, why you need a dog sitter

  1. Reliable

    They are the most reliable than our friends or other family members. Because their duty is  to only take care of your pooch and not worry about the other things at home.

  2. Live updates

    They will constantly update you on your pet’s well being while you are out there taking care of your/your firm’s business. You can ask them to send a picture of your baby or video call them. And, at any situation, they will be totally on it.

  3. Peace of mind

    Most of the time when you leave your dogs at a boarding kennel, they suffer from panic attacks and nausea. Having your pet at home (isn’t home the best place?) and knowing that he/she is safe will give you peace of mind.

How Should You Hire a Dog Sitter?

Well, it’s not that difficult to find a Dog Sitters these days. There are hundreds of agencies who offer those services online, you can Google them to find the nearest or the most reliable.

But we suggest you meet the dog sitter before you leave on the trip. This helps you and your pet to know the person and understand your pooch’s behaviour towards them.

Do you have a dog sitter or are you planning on hiring one?

Please do share your personal experiences with us. You can mail us at support@nimblepet.app or message us on Instagram or  Facebook.

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